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Riva Olympic 1973

For sale in excellent condition Riva Olympic with hull number 210. Since full restoration in maintenance by our team and not switched from owner since. She's located at our showroom in Amsterdam and you are very much welcome to be introduced to this excellent runabout.
0 Hrs 01/1973

Spiboot Taifun Super

In great condition swiss aluminum spiboot.
0 Hrs 11/-0001

Spiboot Taifun 1960's

0 Hrs 09/1960

Broom Capricorn Runabout 1986

In top condition overhauled allround sportboat.
0 Hrs 01/1986

Mariner Hurricane American Runabout 1960

Beautiful classic American Runabout with a completely overhauled engine
0 Hrs 01/1960

Chris Craft Silver Arrow 1958

Very special Chris Craft runabout with the looks of a vintage car. One of the only 92 built.
0 Hrs 01/1958