Restoration & Repair Gallery

Restoring boats is our passion since 1986. Customers are highly satisfied with the jobs we provided for them and during the years several prices were won for restoration work. Therefore excellent results are guaranteed. Whether it is a full restoration or separate fixes. Think about upholstery, deck, bottom, paint or mechanical jobs.

If you are having problems with your boat then we are pleased to fix your boat as soon as possible. Our experiences learned the best solutions in different kinds of situations. The result will be long lasted quality of work. A boat is to enjoy on the waters, not inside a repair shop!

Your boat is welcome for repairs and maintenance such as taking care of the engine or polishing/re-chroming parts, electrical issues, wood works.. You name it and our team will take their best care of it.

Please have a look at some finished projects below for an impression by clicking on the title.

Riva Runabouts Projects

Boesch Runabouts Projects 

Other Runabouts Projects

Motor cruisers